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Thread: Carbon Fiber Panel for Skyview Touch

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    Rich, my plane is one behind Bob's, 317, and I made exactly the same decision going for Dynon. I had early experience with the Garmin that I'll not discuss here, but would like to second Bob's remarks, the Dynon setup is awesome. I bought all the bells and whistles, and the system is over the top for the money spent.

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    I like the look of the carbon fiber panel.....I wonder why Cubcrafters does not do this?

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    We have the Skyview in our EX. Dynon's tech support is remarkable, they quickly handled two issues that we had on the phone. We were even able to get them to make a software change to accommodate the ICOM radio. Garmin makes a good product, but Dynon's focus seems to be more on home-builders. It may be that the flexibility of the Skyview would not be a good choice in an ASTM airplane where standardization is a consideration. They keep updating it and adding new features, something small companies are not afraid to do, I hope success doesn't spoil a good deal.
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    Upgraded the SkyView Touch display documented in this thread with the new SkyView HDX display. The display is exactly the same size but has 409,600 more pixels than the SkyView Touch. The result is a much clearer display allowing more information to be displayed and while still being readable. Engine widgets can now be place along the bottom of the display.

    iPad Mini to the right running ForeFlight that has a WiFi connection to the Dynon HDX.

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