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Thread: ANR headsets

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    Default ANR headsets

    Hi Guys, I need help. I have a standard executive panel in my EX #41 with a Garmin SL40 radio and PM 1200 intercom.
    I have set the SL40 to the specified settings then altered it to Mic setting from 125 to 35 and side-tone to 000 as advised on the forum. I have a pair of Lightspeed Zulu ANR headsets which are completely useless, volume and readability a 3/5 at best, and intercom is a bass mumble. I have now tried a pair of DC H10-13 and they are brilliant, 5/5 volume and readability and intercom is as clear as a bell. However they are noisy after you're used to the ANR quiet.
    Now I know that a lot of you Cub drivers are using Lightspeed Zulu's, and I believe Randy promotes their use and I used them when I flew the demo at Yakima, so I know they work. What am I doing wrong ?
    I await your sage advice.
    Bruce Thomas
    Romsey OZ

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    Hi Bruce: I had a terrible time with the com when I started. I fly an ex #17 with Bose ANR headsets. One of the biggest improvements came from installing the winter sealing kit which drastically reduced wind noise in the cockpit. Post install everything works well though I too reset the sidetone. I also use the leather mike muff covers. I did not realize the level of havoc draft in the cockpit was playing with the mikes in the headset. Hope it helps.

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    Default Re: ANR headsets

    Wondering if any one has any experience with the David Clark Pro X NR headphones in a Cub? Effective? Issues? Sorry about the thread drift.

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