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Thread: Painting Tail Feathers

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    Default Painting Tail Feathers

    I like Dan's idea for racking the horizontal stabs. Here's another option which I used for all tail feathers. They have just enough weight that they remain fairly still even with the air pressure of your gun. And you have a clear shot at all edges and surfaces.

    All I did was attach a couple 2 x 4's at ceiling height to the uprights of my paint booth and that gave me plenty of room to hang these and other parts. Wife thought my paint booth looked like a meat locker.

    Tail Feathers.jpg
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    Default Re: Painting Tail Feathers

    I like it Paul. The goal is to be able to shoot all the surfaces in one session in the booth. Looks like you've got a good filter and ventilation system too. Nice all around.
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    Default Re: Painting Tail Feathers

    thanks for all the great ideas
    Steve Dentz
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