Hi Builders. Yankee 1 is on the home stretch and with a successful smoke check, I found my ignition not functioning like I hoped. Jeepgord and I figured it out. While powered up I did the key check to be sure that the LED lights worked as they should when the key was on OFF, L,R & Both. I was getting results not consistent with what you should when doing a key check.

I did not have the IBBS battery in and without it, there is no power to the R side UNLESS you flip the emergency switch on. I battled with it and it was pure luck trying the emergency switch. We checked all the wiring and did find one out of place but that did not fix the issue I was having. I even consulted the factory and we did not get deep enough in it before Gord and I nailed it.

Be sure to try all your avionics before installing the boot cowl as many have shared here and if by chance you have inconsistent ignition checks, look at your emergency switch. I can share more detail if ya need. Thanks Yankee 1