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Thread: ELT Placement

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    My Artex 345 ELT is installed at the ArmSafe mount in the extended cargo area. My warning buzzer is mounted with the ELT. I'm using two wires of a three wire shielded cable to connect the remote switch on the instrument panel and the third wire is for serial nav data (GPS).

    I do not understand how to ground this installation. I can use a solder sleeve to connect the cable shield at pin #7 of the 15 pin D-Sub connector, but do I also wire that pin to aircraft ground somehow? Or, is that pin #7 to the shield the only ground I need? I do not understand this.

    Pin #9 is connected to the Serial Nav Date, but is the shield also to be grounded at the serial nav data connection? The diagram seems to show the shield is connected at both ends: the D-Sub connector and at the serial nav data. Is that correct understanding?

    Stated another way: Do I ground the shield at the D-sub connector pin #7 and also to aircraft ground somehow and finally at the serial nav data connection???

    The Artex manual shows this wire diagram.

    Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 5.01.19 PM.png
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