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Thread: CubCrafter's 2014 Stroker CC340 Engine Weight

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    Default Re: CubCrafter's 2014 Stroker CC340 Engine Weight

    Kevin, please keep us up to date on the progress of your effort on the forum. Two things would make a big difference in the Carbon Cub: cooler operating temperatures (for our low and slow flight profiles) and better fuel efficiency (LSA weight limits and fuel capacity).

    A fuel injected Carbon Cub should get us to the point of running cool and efficient (lean of peak).
    Bob Anderson, CC11-00316, N382RA

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    Default Re: CubCrafter's 2014 Stroker CC340 Engine Weight

    Quote Originally Posted by relentless View Post
    Turbopilot, wow! I had no idea anyone was paying attention. All I can tell you right now is that Bart Lalonde and I are working 12 hours every day to come up with exactly the configuration you seek. We are very close and if anyone can hlep me pull this off, its Bart!

    I have just started building a Carbon Cub EX kit, so I will be looking to buy an engine in 18 months.

    I would be willing to pay a significant premium for a fuel-injected version of the current Cub Crafter stroker 340 engine.

    I hope you will work with ACE to see if their cylinder and fuel injection solution could be offered on your base engine to Cub Crafter builders.

    Mark Wheeler

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