I was out today. -21c. Oil cooler fully blocked off max oil was 164. To cold.

On the first flight I had about 1-1/2" not blocked off, so 80% closed. A strange thing happened though. At the beginning of the flight oil temp starting rising nicely, got to 180 which surprised me, then all of a sudden the temp dropped quickly. Went right down to 154 before holding. Just like the vernatherm opened? Never saw that happen on any of my planes before.

Remember, Dan is already blocked off 50% or so before he shuts it. No mention of the temps. Vernatherm is not holding temps like most assume. Dan , how hot is the oils getting for you fully closed?

I since blocked off the top inlets on the cowling. I have no idea what they are even for. My thought is you have really cold air coming in there and hitting the top of the cooler, likely cooling the oil even more.

Next mod is to get more air flow through the heat muffs. The heat really stinks at 0c. At -21c you might as well say it doesn't exist. . It is clearly an airflow issue. The air is hot, but it just dribbles out. I really think you would get way more pressure if the inlet was in the plenum.

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