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Thread: Vernatherm

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowdyroyce View Post
    Low oil pressure, restricted oil flow, blocked oil line to cooler? Has anyone ever experienced low oil pressure fluctuations ? I have just recently developed this after 175 hrs of normal oil pressure readings and am thinking I have restricted oil flow in the oil lines due to gunk or some foreign object. Or possible restricted flow to the oil pressure sensor is possible? Or restricted flow somewhere else in the system ?
    Anyone else have a issue like this ever and what did you find out?
    thanks, Royce Anderson
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    This is why most airplanes have a mechanical oil pressure gauge. It doesn't mislead you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyBranch View Post
    I think it is cold air hitting the area on the top of the cooler. It is a large area and will definitely cool from the air passing over it.

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    My EX-2 oil temps are only running about 160 with 2/3ís of the cooler blocked off even in summer months. Has anyone else seen this or come up with a way to insulate the top of the oil cooler. Iíve verified that the CGR-30 indications and the oil pan temps are about the same.
    Thanks, Tom R

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    I have always had low oil temps on my EX. Per the earlier messages in this thread, i built a cooler shutter which when closed will bring the temps to 180 plus in summer. The most significant factor is how hard you run the engine. Running at 2400 rpm will easily bring your temp to 180 and more with cooler wide open in summer. If you loaf along at 1900 rpm the engine runs very cool. A lot better problem than dealing with high temps. I had to put two coolers on my pitts years ago!

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    Loafing along at 2000 RPM on a warm summer day oil temp runs around 160.

    With over 100 hours everything works well, there is not tell tale moisture sludge under the oil cap or in the oil, so it would seem it is getting warm enough.

    I remain convinced that the temp sensor is in a location where it picks up some oil that passes through the cooler even when the vernatherm is closed ( my understanding is it never closes completly, some oil always is permitted to pass). Therefore the temp reading will always be a bit cooler than what the engine is seeing on its working parts. ( I sure would like to see a detailed drawing of the oil routing ).

    Bottom line, as long at the needle is in the 'green' zone, I am not going to get overly concerned. However, in cold conditions I will continue to cover the oil cooler intake with aluminum tape and cover the cowl vents with masking tape, until something more elegant is fabricated to plug those two holes.

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