I'm dismayed to read about a possible ECI Cylinder AD that would slam an overly expensive burden
on owners and most likely kill ECI. Only knowing what AvWeb reported, I am wondering if this
proposed AD would effect owners of the CC 340 as installed in our Carbon Cubs?

"Avweb reported last Monday, the FAA has proposed a complex AD that would divide more than 60,000 cylinder assemblies into two groups. Group A—nearly 34,000 cylinders—would have to be removed from service (within 25 hours) if they had, on the effective date of the AD, fewer than 500 hours or more than 1,000 hours. The Group B cylinders would have to be removed from service if they had more than 1,000 operating hours. The AD would also require repetitive visual inspections for cracks, compression checks and leak checks for Group A cylinders between 500 and 1,000 hours and Group B cylinder with fewer than 1,000 hours until they’re removed from service."