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Thread: Carbon Cub EX #37 Complete

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    Default Re: Carbon Cub EX #37 Complete

    Great looking aircraft, Jeff!
    What options did you go for? What panel?
    And what tires do you have on in the pic?


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    Default Re: Carbon Cub EX #37 Complete

    Quote Originally Posted by N867SP View Post
    I've been scouring all the posts on the forum and this builder log was a wealth of information. Are there any others out there willing to share their logs? Is 600 hrs build time typical?

    I had a little under 800 hours in mine.

    I used Excel as my log. I took a lot of images too and had them in a separate file. The DAR looked at all of the images and read through all of my log. I had Excel total my hours as I moved along.

    I tried to to look at Jeff's log this morning but on an iPad mini while eating breakfast it took too long to open the .pdf file.

    Congratulations Jeff. You're very right; the building is lots of fun but the flying is even better.
    Flying Carbon Cub EX #11 since 2011

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