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Thread: Standard vs Long Range tanks

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    Default Standard vs Long Range tanks

    Hi Everyone,
    Have now had the opportunity to fly CC with standard and large fuel tanks.
    I read Randy's article but I would definitely go for the larger tanks.
    The airplane easily hauls a few extra pounds around and still climbs
    very fast. It is not so much about range but having to refuel less frequently.
    Now I can fly several days in a row. Very convenient and much longer range
    adds convenience and safety.
    Alan Maurer
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    Default Re: Standard vs Long Range tanks

    I like the 44 gallon tanks in my EX. I've flown over 7 hours between fills and still had a good reserve. Out where the fuel stops are few and far between it makes good sense to me.

    I can tell a performance difference when I'm topped off or carrying just ten gallons or so. But the Carbon Cub performs so well I don't consider it much of a handicap. I would certainly opt for the big tanks again for the type of flying I do and places I go.
    Flying Carbon Cub EX #11 since 2011

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