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    Default Vetterman exhaust

    I like ski flying and last winter I put my Landis LW2500 skis on my Carbon Cub EX. But winter flying means cold temperatures. The original heating system leaves a little to be desired. And so I worked with Clint at Vetterman exhaust systems on a replacement system for the O-340 that puts out more cabin heat along with a greater temperature rise for the carb heat.

    This is also a cross-over system with two mufflers. Like any Carbon Cub owner I didn't want any compromise on performance. And I also didn't want any noticable weight gain. Clint's exhaust system filled all of those requirements.

    I checked both static RPM's and WOT RPM's at the same altitudes and temperatures with two different Catto props and the RPM's were identical.

    As installed the net weight gain was 1.5 pounds.

    The cabin heat output is a very noticable improvement, especially when combined with the tube I added to the cowl inlet.

    I have a carb temp probe as a module on an EI UBG16 unit and the temperature rise with Clint's system is about an additional 30 over the original.

    The other nice benefit to having two mufflers is that this system is quiet.

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    Default Re: Vetterman exhaust

    One of the super cub guys talked about taking a long spring and wrapping it around your exhaust pipe inside your heat muff. The spring spirals would have surface contact with the hot pipe and the spaces between the stretched spirals would add hot surface area to the air passing thru the heat muff giving it a hotter output


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