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Thread: Leaning methods

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    When all else fails read the instructions:
    From SI1094D: The exhaust gas temperature (EGT) offers little improvement in leaning the float-type carburetor over the procedures outlined above because of imperfect mixture distribution. However, if the EGT probe is installed, lean the mixture to 100F. on the rich side of peak EGT for best power operation. For best economy cruise, operate at peak EGT. If roughness is encountered, enrich the mixture slightly for smooth engine operation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwill435 View Post
    Thanks Nathanial. So does that settle the discussion regarding LOP on carbureted engines, since if I adjust any leaner it would cause rough running.
    You're welcome. These engines burn so little already I wouldn't worry about it. When I was running a big bore 6 cylinder on my Bonanza I had balanced injectors and an engine analyzer and fuel totalizer. Savings could be had there. Of course fuel was $1.99/gal and I didn't buy the airplane to go slow!

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